“Where did the money go?” is often the first question when a problem is discovered.  When you need to follow the money, a study and analysis of financial transactions is the backbone of a Forensic Accounting case.    A qualified Forensic Accountant may be able to assist in reconstructing the financial transactions to follow the trail of money.

Consulting:  Most cases begin with a consulting arrangement to assess the facts and merits of a case.  Creating a logical investigative plan will actually save time and money.

Interviewing:  A forensic analysis of financial transactions is only part of the story.  The interviewing process is a critical part of any Forensic Accounting engagement and should be left to persons with professional training and experience.

Training: A qualified and experienced Forensic Accountant may provide guidance about the most current fraud and cyber crime threats facing you, your family, and your businesses.  No one can stop cyber and fraud attacks, but we can identify best practices to become a hard target against the CyberFraud threats facing all of us.

Blogs and Podcasts:  I will be dedicating much of my time and efforts towards three areas of interest:  The first area will be issues involving Vulnerable Victim Financial Abuse matters, to include schemes targeting Senior Citizens, Disabled persons, and military Veterans.  I will also address the burgeoning problems of romance scams and deceptive investment scams.  Second, I will speak to the fraud schemes attacking our businesses, such as internal embezzlement schemes, and how to protect businesses from internal and external fraud threats.  Third, I will focus on the benefits and risks of Cryptocurrencies , Blockchain technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

I will use  Blogs and Podcasting to relay important information on how scams operate and how to become a hard target against the inevitable attacks from sophisticated criminals.

Feedback from users and suggestions for additional subject matter research, is encouraged.