If you are unfortunate and experience a fraud related problem, you may find some answers through Google and Wikipedia public searches. If you still have questions, you may want to consider the services of a qualified Forensic Accountant.

A Forensic Accountant may be able to provide independent guidance and assistance so you can make informed decisions about the next steps needed to resolve the problem.  Some issues can be resolved without incurring the expenses of hiring outside assistance.  An upfront consultation may provide some answers.

The specialized practice of Forensic Accounting is forced to constantly change and improve.   One of the fastest growing areas of fraud involves the heartbreaking financial abuse of Vulnerable Victims, to include Senior Citizens, Veterans, and disabled persons.

More traditional Forensic Accounting procedures have addressed the wide variety of fraud matters facing the nation and have been content to leave cyber crime issues to cyber investigators.   However, the current landscape of fraud illustrates that sophisticated fraudsters have cross-pollinated the world of traditional fraud with cyber crime, hence, the term CyberFraud.

This site is dedicated to address Fraud and financially motivated Cyber Crime to better equip families, business owners, Non-Profits, attorneys, accountants and students, with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet today’s CyberFraud challenges.